Obelisks are everywhere!

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Obelisks are everywhere! You can't go wrong placing a pair on a mantel, on a shelf, or on a table. If you want to mix up your decorating look a bit, move them around!

The designer of this LA home, Elizabeth Dinkel, placed a pair of obelisks on the kitchen counter for a simple decorative element with lots of style. 

Designer: Alexa Hampton via All the Best blog

Alexa inherited her father, Mark Hampton's, great taste. Here she creates a quirky design on the mantel, combining a classic pair of obelisks on one side, and a some interesting objects on the other. Balanced design, but not really!
Designer: Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta knows that obelisks look great anywhere! In this comfortable library, he places a pair on the coffee table, adding decorative interest.

Obelisks are everywhere and anywhere!
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