Obelisks are great in the living room!

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Living rooms are natural places for obelisks. You see them on mantels all the time, but they look great as simple but chic decoration.

 Designer: David Hicks via blog Daly Essentials

The legendary David Hicks not only included a pair of obelisks on the mantel in this living room, but also on the table in the fore ground. A man after my own heart! Obelisks add chic style, so why not have four in the living room!

 Elle Decor - Designer: Paula Caravelli 

In this bright modern New York apartment, the designer, Paula Caravelli, kept the decoration simple, and placed two obelisks of different sizes on the coffee table. 

Canadian House and Home 

The coffee table in this sleek living room has two similar obelisks (but not a pair) along with a column as decoration. They don't take up much surface space, and look terrific.

 Elle Decor - Home of Jane and Stephen Garmey

These home owners created a fabulous display on the right side of the fireplace. The combination of table with a pair of obelisks and flowers set against a back drop of trumeau mirror and paintings makes a great look.  


In this living room designed by Timothy Corrigan I count three obelisks! There is a tall one in the back right corner; one of the center table; and one in the foreground on the side table. Clearly he is a designer that believes the more obelisks the merrier!

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