Obelisks as lamps

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Obelisks make great lamps. It's a classic shape, and subtle details can make all the difference.

Canadian House and Home - Designer: Betsy Burnham

This hallway setting designed by California based designer Betsy Burnham includes these fabulous shell encrusted obelisk lamps. These are more decorated than most obelisks, but what fun!

 Homes and Gardens, UK

This wonderful console display includes two elegant black obelisk lamps. The shape is simple and modern, and looks fabulous with the other classic decorative objects. I love the red lamp shades to finish them off.

 Designer: Phoebe Howard

The designer, Phoebe Howard, put together a wonderfully balanced console display anchored by a pair of white obelisk lamps.

Just like you might convert a porcelain vase in to a lamp, think about turning a pair of obelisks in to some fabulous lamps that are classic and elegant.

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