Obelisks at Kips Bay!

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If it's May in New York, then it's time for the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse. The New York Times highlighted some of the best rooms, and wouldn't you know it but obelisks feature in at least two rooms.

 This wonderful room is designed by Alexa Hampton. Her father, Mark Hampton, often used obelisks. She uses two on the mantel and another two on the floor on the right side of the fireplace.

The two black obelisks on the mantel are simple and elegant. They are a neoclassical shape, and serve as a lovely counter anchor to the mirror on the other side.

The ones on the floor are both marble on a brass base. I love this style. It's smart and almost masculine. These are not a pair, but look fabulous together. Similar obelisks of different sizes always work well together.

In another view of the room, Alexa Hampton uses a pair of neoclassical marble obelisks to decorate the desk. I always think an obelisk on a desk makes great decoration without taking up precious desk area.

And I spot yet another obelisk on the side table in Alexa Hampton's living room at Kips Bay! It add to the exotic richness of the room. 

In a living room decorated by Ingrao, Inc, they include a contemporary pair of obelisks on a very modern credenza along the wall. They work well on top of such an elaborate piece - adding decoration, but not conflicting.

The designers, Cullman and Kravis, use multiple obelisks in the sitting area of this sophisticated bedroom. The New York Times says that the designers 'looked for an abundance of sexual references that were also G-rated. Note the obelisk, said Ellie Cullman, the firm’s founder. “An upright element.” (We counted 24 in the room!). 

The shiny brass obelisk on the mantel draws your eye and complements the art. The fireplace is full of modern rock crystal obelisks of varying shades and sizes. 

I can't wait to go to visit Kips Bay to see all these obelisks for myself!
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