Obelisks 'at work'

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Where we work should be welcoming and have as much consideration as to decoration as the rest of the house. If you work from home some or part of the time, your work space should be beautiful!

Canadian House and Home

This bedroom has a wonderful French Empire secretaire topped by a fabulous Chinoiserie decorated obelisk. I could easily see setting up my lap top on this desk, surrounded by beautiful objects, and getting some work done!

 Designer: Timothy Corrigan

In this classically designed office, the designer, Timothy Corrigan, placed a single obelisk on the desk. It doesn't take up much room, but it adds a smart decorative element.

Here is my own loft office space with one of my obelisks on the desk. I love this simple chic obelisk, and it gives me pleasure when I sit down to work.

Adding an obelisk is an easy way to decorate, and if you are looking for a change with the season, take one away and replace ir with a different one for a fresh new look!
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