Obelisks for the holidays!

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Obelisks make wonderful gifts. If you have a special friend who loves design, an obelisk or two will fit in to their design scheme - somewhere!

The top photo is from Canadian House and Home - just add a chinoiserie painted obelisk on top of a desk!. The middle photo is a design by Robert Couturier, and the bottom photo is a Timothy Corrigan design. Both classic collections of obelisks on console tables. For Corrigan, the more the merrier!

At Only Obelisks we have obelisks in a range of prices and styles from vintage to antique that make very stylish gifts!

The marble veining makes these stand out. Simple and chic. I always love black and brown. These are vintage (16 1/2 inches tall), and priced at $675 for the pair. 

What could be more chic than black and white! These are a very smart pair of early 20th century black marble obelisks (17 1/4 inches tall) with white marble segments and white marble shield on one side of each plinth. The black marble has interesting and subtle depth to the marble veining. Sourced in Surrey, England. These are priced at $1,100 for the pair.

We recently added this French pair of rouge marble 19th century obelisks (16 2/4 inches tall). I love their proportions, and the fossil like veining in the marble. These are priced at $1,800 for the pair.

The designer Mary McDonald knows that just adding a few obelisks on a table finishes the decor in the best possible way! Imagine the surprise when your gift of obelisks is opened! Unique and fabulous. 

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