Obelisks in black & white!

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Who doesn’t love a graphic decorative element added to any décor, and black and white will go with everything!

decorating with black and white obelisks
Je/Love Studio

There’s a lots going on in this dining room, but it all hangs together perfectly. The patterned wallpaper adds depth to a base scheme of white - floor, table & chairs. While the zigzag black & white design of the obelisks adds graphic pop.

decorating with black and white obelisks

This is a whole room decorated in black and white. The diamond patterned obelisks present a very chic entry to the living room sitting on a wonderful black metal console table with white circle inset and marble top.

decorating with black and white obelisks
Timothy Corrigan

Timothy Corrigan loves obelisks. This console table is full of a collection of all types and sizes of obelisks, but the one that pops in the display is the black and white striped tall obelisk at its center. It takes your eye, grabs it, and makes you look!

decorating with black and white obelisks

Black and white can be added to a decorative scheme with obelisks in many ways. You can use a black and white veined marble, a striped obelisk, or a white Carrara marble with black marble elements in the plinth. Or use single-colored obelisks in gleaming white or black marble. You can’t go wrong with any combination, and black and white is always very chic!

decorating with black and white obelisks
Kelly Wreastler

Kelly Wreastler knows how to make an impact, and this is a masterful example with this massive black and white obelisk adding height to scheme of the short chair topped with the red painting on the wall. Only Obelisks has the black & white obelisk for you!

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