Obelisks in contemporary decor

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Obelisks are sleek and chic! They works easily in contemporary decor as demonstrated by some leading interior designers.

Eric Cohler decorates gorgeous spaces. I love this living room with it's pale colors and modern art work. The white marble obelisks on the warm wood bureau are the perfect accent.

Designer: Eric Cohler

Veranda - Designer: David Phoenix for Rose Tarlow

These wonderful specimen marble obelisks on the mantel add interest and a pop of color to an other wise pale palette.

We happen to have a pair that are similar. I love them! These are in our entryway, and serve as a frame to our pressed glass sculpture. 

Whether you choose obelisks of a single color marble or rock crystal, or a more colorful specimen marble mix, obelisks are terrific in contemporary decor.

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