Obelisks in the dining room

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Dining rooms are used mostly at night. When thinking about the decorative scheme, the effect of lighting and adding drama should be among the guiding principles. Think lighting, reflective surfaces, and moody colors.

Here the designer Amy Turner used a pair of etched mirrored obelisks in this classic Tennessee house.

Via the blog Belgian Pearls

You'll notice that the dining table doesn't have the usual candle sticks as decoration, but these etched mirrored obelisks make the statement. When the table is set, and the chandelier is lit up in the evening, the pattern of these obelisks will pop.

 Designer : Marshall Watson

There must be something about mirrored obelisks and the dining table. Here the designer Marshall Watson also makes a dramatic statement with etched glass obelisks. They would add a wonderful lighting element at night when they reflect candles or a chandelier.

In the latest Architectural Digest they profile the home of the jewelry designer Elizabeth Locke. I have always loved her classically inspired jewelry designs, and her house in Virgina hunt country is also really lovely. It's classic and colorful. She isn't afraid to use color on the walls. In her dining room she painted a wall peach with matching curtains. She has placed an interesting antique obelisk on the mantle for added elegance.

Dining rooms can be dramatic - from lighting to decorative objects. Obelisks will contribute to the mood you set for your guests.
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