Obelisks in the entryway

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Creating an inviting entryway sets the tone for those entering your home. An entry need not be large, just well thought out. Obelisks set on a table are a great way to add a statement of chic as soon as someone opens your door.

Veranda - Designer: Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald wrote in Veranda magazine about creating a color-minded tablescape. In her example here, the color is green. This calls for three malachite obelisks to make the scene!

 Designer: Timothy Corrigan

This entryway has a wonderful round center table which makes a great place to create this diverse and whimsical display. The central piece is the bust wearing the hat, flanked by various decorative objects, including a single obelisk.

 Veranda - Designer: Charlotte Moss

In this small New York pied a terre, the designer Charlotte Moss created a wonderful little entry with fabulous wall paper, a simple metal and marble console table, and two funky obelisks. Add flowers and a simple mirror, and you have a great way to greet your guests.

Adding an obelisk or two is a simple way to create a decorative scheme in your entryway, and send a message that your guests are entering a wonderful home!
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