Obelisks on bookshelves

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Bookshelves are the perfect place to display art and objects. I particularly like mixing books and objects for the best effect. Obelisks are natural for this!

Via Pinterest

I love the warmth of this display - books all around and forming a frame to two pairs of obelisks along with a small cabinet.

A bookshelf in my home

We put books on the bottom shelves, leaving the top shelves for a mixture of Asian and European antiques, along with a pair of black marble and pink onyx obelisks.

Lonny Magazine via Pinterest

In this clean, black and white display the black framed prints, along with the simple modern black marble obelisk stand out against the white clad books and magazine and white flowers. Very shibui!

 Designer: Timothy Corrigan

The designer Timothy Corrigan puts it all together here! He fills a built in bookshelf with books, hangs a wonderful oil portrait on it, and frames it all with a pair of obelisks. Fabulous!

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