Obelisks on mantels

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One of the most classic ways to use obelisks is on your mantel piece. They just naturally go there!

 House Beautiful - Designer: Paolo Moschino

This is the classic pair of obelisks in a very balanced design. They add scale, and are mixed with smaller decoration and sit between the art work on the wall.

 Designer: David Hicks via the blog Daly Essentials

In this moody 1960's David Hicks living room, he placed a simply shaped set of obelisks on the mantel flanking the abstract painting, which helps to set it off.

I went to the Kips Bay Decorator 2011 Showhouse in New York. The designer Jeff Lincoln used a pair of rock crystal obelisks flanking a rough rock crystal to wonderful effect on this mantel.

 Elle Decor - Designer: Vicente Wolf

In this Vicente Wolf designed living room, he went for a pair of rock crystal obelisks, but placed them together on one side of the mantel creating an asymmetrical design.  

  Elle Decor - Designer: Malcolm James Kutner

In this traditional dining room, the designer, Malcolm James Kutner, includes a simple pair of obelisks on one side of the mantel in an asymmetrical design. 

 Designer: Timothy Corrigan

In this dark and moody library, Timothy Corrigan placed a pair of handsome marble obelisks in either side of a very ornate mirror. The simplicity of the obelisks is a nice contrast to the highly detailed gilt frame of the mirror. 
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