Obelisks work anywhere!

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Adding an obelisk in any room adds interest.

Elle Decor - Designer: Susan Forristal

In this comfortable family room designed by Susan Forristal, she adds a single obelisk to the window sill which serves to draw the eye through the room, and add an element of style. 

Architectural Digest - Designer: Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta knows classic style! He adds the most classic of all obelisks to the fireplace mantel - rock crystal. Just one of the many wonderful finishing touches.  

 Designer: Michael S. Smith via Splendid Sass blog

Michael S. Smith can be counted on for luxury. This Manhattan apartment has wonderful plastered walls and French antiques. The obelisks on this table are almost over the top! They are highly decorated, and work well next to a modern statue to create a wonderful tableau. 
Elle Decor - Designer: Celerie Kemble

The latest issue of Elle Decor includes a feature on an apartment in Manhattan designed by Celerie Kemble. She places a pair of obelisks to one side of this mantel creating a chic asymmetrical design. Also, what a fabulous mirror!

Think of the many ways you can use an obelisk! Use them to draw the eye to a corner of the room, or to create a chic tableau on a table or mantel. Obelisks work anywhere!

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