Precious Materials lapis lazuli & malachite obelisks

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Obelisks made of precious stones are particularly prized. They are beautiful, and the colors are rich and deep.

Timothy Corrigan Obelisk
The designer, Juan Pablo Molyneux, created a dramatic look with these four stately lapis lazuli obelisks lined up below the painting with the same blue. Imagine walking in to that room! The obelisks themselves are simply designed and standing on crystal feet.

Mary McDonald Obelisks

Mary McDonald punctuated this predominantly blue room with punches of green. She grouped green ceramic jars and lamp on the console along the wall, and gave three matching malachite obelisks center stage on the dining table.

Miles Redd Obelisks

I love this bird's eye photo of a wonderfully designed library by Miles Redd. The side table is decorated with a single malachite obelisk adding to the color scheme. Obelisks are great decorative elements for small table because they don't take up much room on the surface, but have maximum impact.

colossal pair of Obelisks

At Only Obelisks we acquired a colossal pair of lapis obelisks with pietra dura inlay on the plinths (45 inches tall!). Each side has a different bird and foliage design in a mix of semi-precious stones. These obelisks make a great entryway statement, or imagine them on either side of a fireplace!

Green malachite Obelisks

Green is my absolutely favorite color in interior design! So, these malachite obelisks (15 inches tall) are perfect anywhere. They will add zing to a bookshelf, a mantel, a coffee table, or a side table! Just look how they add to the rooms designed by Mary McDonald and Miles Redd.

noeclassical style Obelisks

If you're not ready for the lapis and pietra dura obelisks, this pair of neoclassical style obelisks will add the right touch of blue at 21 inch tall. They have exquisite white veining in the lapis, and very interesting insets in the plinth design. These are beautiful in any setting!
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