Wonderful White Obelisks!

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If you’re looking for drama and impact, a pristine white obelisk will make a statement!

striped marble obelisks
Lorenzo Castillo

The designer, Lorenzo Castillo, is a favorite of mine. I am drawn to photos of his designs every time, even when I don’t know that its his. Just look how he adds two pairs of white marble obelisks to this mantelpiece, with the white shell in the center. The white contrasts and enhances the subtle grey of the fireplace surround, making it stand out even more. They also pop against the warm tan of the walls. Castillo is a master of grey, white and black!

striped marble obelisks
Eric Kuster

This London townhouse is all about luxe! The designer, Eric Kuster, decorates this room with creams and browns, and adds the white stone obelisks as a contrast! I like grouping the pair on one side of the mantelpiece with the other objects serving as the balance on the other side.

striped marble obelisks
Source: Jado Décor

I was taken with this photo as soon as I saw this mammoth stone obelisk filling the corner of this room. It works along side the other white stone/marble objects and stool, pulling them all together. This is a dramatic statement that works!

striped marble obelisks
Source: Instagram

This obelisk grabbed me for all the elements I love. The swags and turtles appeal to my classical side, and the contrasting colors of the chic grey marble plinth sitting below the white marble obelisk are wonderful.

white carrara obelisksalabaster obelisks

At OnlyObelisks.com we have a number of beautiful white and cream obelisks to tempt you! The pair on the left are a white Carrara marble with ever so subtle veining. The pair of the right are a fabulous alabaster with beautiful shades adding interest.

striped marble obelisks

The white marble pops on this 20 inch tall obelisk. The added black makes for great contrast for a very contemporary feel.

If you lean towards neutrals in your designs, white obelisks will enhance the colors in a subtle a wonderful way. If you are a colorful person like me, they will pop and add contrast!
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