Show your stripes - graphic marble obelisks!

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Specimen marble obelisks come in all kinds of combinations, but it's the striped ones that I love for their graphic, modern look.

Designer: Timothy Corrigan

I like this whole grouping of obelisks, but it's great center piece is the tall black and white striped obelisk. It grabs your attention. There is also a pair achoring either end in a pale brown and white stripe. 

 Designer: Jaime Parlade

In this Madrid apartment, the designer Jaime Parlade masterfully echos the striped column in the painting with a striped obelisk on the coffee table. 

 Designer: Charlotte Moss

To decorate this bookcase, Charlotte Moss included a pair of multicolored striped obelisks. I love they way they almost pick up the colors in the book bindings on the shelves below. 

Designer: Richard Keith Langham via Splendid Sass blog

In this cozy library cum dining room the designer Richard Keith Langham created a balanced design on the mantel using one of a pair of striped marble obelisks on either end. He next used some decorative round marble globes, and then groups three ceramics in the center. A lovely classic design.

In my own home, a tall multicolored striped marble obelisk works perfectly with a shorter  black and white striped marble obelisk.

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