Show your stripes….with obelisks!

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Stripes seem to stand out in any design. They are graphic and so very chic. Think Breton shirts for Summer, and your mind drifts to lazy days in Provence. In design, they make a statement, and capture one’s attention!

striped marble obelisks
Villa D’Acquarone - Pinterest

This enfilade view in an Italian villa in Marino Buon Albergo is lead off by a pair of striped obelisks. The marble shades are subtle, but still very graphic. Their height also commands attention. The colors pick up the colors in the rest of the rooms beautifully.

striped marble obelisks
Jordan Carlyle on Instagram

The designer Jordan Carlyle posted his collection of obelisks, and I find my eye immediately drawn to the black and white striped one. It pops! Just imagine adding this to any room, and grabbing all the attention! I love it.

striped marble obelisks

In this grouping from our obelisks, the cream and black obelisk dominates. Stripes are so very chic, and this obelisk makes an impact.

black and white striped marble obelisks

I have a soft spot for the black and white marble obelisk in this grouping. We have three and one sits on my work desk so that I can look at it every day. It’s not a classic design, but has gravitas.

multi colored striped marble obelisks

This multicolored marble striped obelisks pulls on all the colors in this room. It draws attention to the warm wood of the antique dresser and the gold-framed prints. It’s a tall obelisk and is a perfect counterbalance to the lamp.

timothy corrigan striped marble obelisks
Timothy Corrigan

Timothy Corrigan is a designer who loves obelisks! You will often see them in his designs. The photo above is of his own collection and several striped obelisks steal the scene. I love the graphic black and white, but equally the tan and white stripes. This is a wonderful example of an obelisk collection of all types, sizes and materials that works together in harmony.

Stripes are fun, chic, and graphic. They love the limelight, and grab your guest’s attention as soon as they walk in to the room!
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