Smart design with obelisks

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Just when I think I will find no more design photos with obelisks, I stumble on some that grab my attention. It's not just about the obelisks - It's about the overall design aesthetic in which obelisks are just one element.

Designer: Mark Rowley via Fauxology blog

The Prestonfield Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland asked the designer Mark Rowley to design the Rhubarb Restaurant in the hotel. What wonderful, bold use of color and pattern! Nothing matches (wallpaper, upholstery rug...) but it all works for a warm dining room. He obviously loves obelisks too since he includes three pairs on the mantel. It all works!

 Designer: Alberto Pinto

What better place to find obelisks but in Egypt - the birth place of the obelisk. This wonderful Cairo apartment was designed by Alberto Pinto. He adds many Egyptian decorative elements. Among the mounted metal dishes on the coffee table are a pair of specimen marble obelisks (look hard as they are hard to see!).

Obelisks add another layer of decor that complement the overall design enhancing the result!

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