Stylish David Hicks

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David Hicks' 60's style is on the return. His use of patterns, colors, and obelisks (!) has proven to be timeless. He knew that obelisks are modern and classic at the same time.

 Designer: David Hicks

This grey, white and black design scheme is so very smart. It works as well today as the day it was designed. The pair of black marble obelisks provide just the right amount of decoration in a pared down look, letting the pattern in the wall paper and the rug make the statement.

Designer: David Hicks via The Peak of Chic blog

Here is another wonderful mix of colors: brown, red, black and white. The use of geometrics keep it restrained, and the addition of classical decorations to the glass and steel console table is the perfect complement. I love the mix of obelisk sizes and materials. 

We can take many lessons from David Hicks' style. Be bold, but always refined!
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