The perfect obelisks for 'masculine' decor!

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Of course I believe that obelisks fit in to any decorating scheme! But some obelisks seem to work their best in a smart decor of chic neutrals with patterns limited to stripes and blocks of color. I have called this 'masculine' largely because it seems the opposite of feminine decor which might be associated with more pattern.

The decor of the 1817 Claverack, NY house of Bruce Shostak and Craig Fitt is a master of understated chic. The living room has such a wonderful grey paint for the walls, and fabric accents are limited to solids and subtle stripes. The library (top photo) has an original mantel piece which is topped by 2 pairs of sleek black marble obelisks of different sizes. They serve as the accent to the Federal mirror. Both photos from Architectural Digest.

I love the style of the Spanish decorator, Lorenzo Castillo. The first two photos are from his own home. The room has a soft grey for the walls, and a simple color scheme of mostly white with black, and a touch of blue. The obelisks on the mantel have two types of marble, both in neutral tones. They make a statement, but don't shout. The third photo is from one of his projects. The modern black obelisk stands among other classic objects in a grey color scheme. The tableau is wonderfully graphic, and a chic mix of modern and antique.

Mary McDonald is one of my favorite decorators. In the top photo above, she has kept the color palate very simple with grey walls and blue velvet curtains. The furniture lets the painted wood make the statement against the white upholstered chairs. The green malachite obelisks and the green ceramic jars pop with their contrasting color. The whole decor is chic and deceptively simple.

The photo on the bottom is a masculine treasure trove of hunting trophies jumping off the black painted walls. The green malachite obelisks on the mantel also pop, and the modern rock crystal obelisk standing next to a saw bill from a shark. This is the work of the decorators Creel and Gow.

Regardless of whether 'masculine' is the right description, a simple color scheme with a minimum of pattern welcomes sleek and simple obelisks as well!
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