Timothy Corrigan - Decorating with Obelisks

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I love that Timothy Corrigan is passionate about obelisks. he likes big ones, small ones, marble, and striped.

Here are two entryways. The top includes a tall cream and black obelisk, and a small obelisk. The table below has a collection of obelisks of many shapes and materials.

These living rooms all are accented with obelisks. The top photo has another obelisk collection along with a few other classical objects on the round table. I love the striped pair of tall obelisks in the middle photo on the console behind the red sofa. And the console behind the chair in the bottom photo has a black marble obelisk, which I suspect is a pair to balance it out.

Timothy Corrigan gives as much attention to the decoration of bedrooms as a beautiful refuge as his living rooms. The top phot0 includes black marble obelisk(s) on the bedside table. The middle photo has a colossal obelisk by the French door. The sitting area of the bedroom in the bottom photo includes two obelisks of different shapes and sizes on the coffee table looking very smart.

Corrigan might inspire you in how you might use obelisks or even to think about how to build a collection!
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