Timothy Corrigan does it again with obelisks!

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I was thrilled to open my latest Architectural Digest and see the home of the designer Timothy Corrigan. He is a decorator who loves obelisks, and as you would expect, he has a lot of obelisks in his home.

This pair are simple and classic. The white enhances the color of the marble and makes them more graphic.

How many obelisks can you fit on one console table! I count six. I love that there are two pairs, but then two mismatched. The tall black and white striped obelisk in the center is very striking. Then there is a white marble single obelisk on the far right. Wonderful tableau!

The obelisks on the book shelf in the center back serve as the perfect frame to the painting and the horse bronze. Very smart!

Gardens are traditional locations for obelisks, and Corrigan uses a very large one to attract your eye and pull you back to the lovely columned pergola.

He must have had fun collecting all those obelisks!
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