Unusual obelisks

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Obelisks take many forms from the classical designs based on the originals in Egypt to the fanciful and exotic. In the 19th century they were bought as souvenirs of the Grand Tour, or used as decorative specimen marble examples.

We ran across this interesting obelisk at the Masterpiece Antiques Fair in London this year. This obelisk is used to display intaglios. They describe this as an early 19th century 'Grand Tour' gilt wood and glass obelisk containing a collection of plaster intaglios depicting the heads of Roman emperors, classical scenes and muses, with makers label: 'William Davis. Carver, Gilder, Printseller.'
Signed on label: Christmas 1816. It's 22 inches tall. 

 Veranda - Designer: Charlotte Moss

The designer, Charlotte Moss, found an unusual pair of 'striped' specimen marble obelisks for this bookcase. I haven't seen this style of specimen marble before. 

Veranda - Designer: Charlotte Moss

In the same house, Charlotte Moss placed another unusual set of obelisks on this iron entryway table. 

It's fun to keep an eye out for for something a bit different whether it's modern, or antique. It's great having conversation pieces as part of your decor. Makes it so much more interesting
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