Up your table décor – add some obelisks!

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I was looking at Domaine Home and they had a piece “How to Make Your Dining Room Look More Expensive”, and what did it include but a dining table with a pair of obelisks and a vase of flowers.

Domaine Home Obelisk

All tables need some decoration, and the dining table is off duty so much of the time, it should be a place for wonderful objects! Obelisks look so chic, and they are easy to move when you are setting the table for a meal.

simple white marble obelisk
Vintage Mulberry blog – Designer: Barry Dixon

A desk is a perfect place to add objects that you will enjoy looking at when you are taking a break from your task. I have a couple of obelisks on my desk, of course, and I even change them around every six months or so. The desk in the photo above is full of objects, and includes a small white marble obelisk.

Small White Obelisk
Décor Design Review on Tumblr

Coffee tables are crying out for obelisks! They are a great place for some objects to create conversation among your guests, and draw the eye to the center of your living room.

Simple Black Obelisk Simple Black Obelisk

We recently sourced an antique French Grand Tour bronze obelisk. It’s 12 inches tall and would be perfect on a desk. It’s so interesting to look at with the hieroglyphics decorating all four sides. Imagine being a 19th century tourist to Luxor and picking this up in the bazaar!

The vintage black and white striped marble obelisk is on my desk just now. It looks very chic to me, and has a modern shape. It’s 9.5 inches tall, and has wonderfully veined marble making for an even more interesting design.

Blue Marble Obelisk

These lapis lazuli veneered obelisks are very smart looking, and I could imagine them on any dining or coffee table. They are almost 22 inches tall, and draw the eye to wherever they are sitting. Place them with a blue & white Chinese vase full of flowers for a high impact look!

lapis lazuli veneered Obelisk
World of Interiors

More is better on this center entry table! Add as many objects as you can fit, and a pair of obelisks to add height and elegance! No matter the table, it will be better with obelisks!
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